For the last 12 years, I’ve been a caregiver to my aging parents. First, for my dad when he was diagnosed with cancer, and later for my mom when she started developing cognitive changes associated with Alzheimer’s.

Can you believe that there are over 34 million unpaid caregivers providing care to someone over the age of 50?

So what makes me unique you ask? Well, I turned what I learned about caring for my parents into a business where I’m able to provide assistance to family members, aging adults and others who find themselves in the same situation.

Prior to starting Severino Health Advisors, I was fortunate to have over 30 years of medical experience, as a physician assistant and a registered nurse, to better understand the medical side of caregiving. I also wanted to have a better understanding of the complicated aspects of medical insurance, financial worries, and legal ramifications that are common issues when caregiving to an aging loved one.

So, before I even got my business off the ground, I enrolled in a comprehensive program to become a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA). My course of study included learning more about aging and societal issues such as age discrimination, retirement changes, widowhood, and other common issues that arise during the aging process. My training also addressed financial literacy topics that included estate planning, retirement income, and tax issues, long-term care insurance, and funeral planning expenses. As a CSA, I also learned important information about Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security benefits for seniors that I now share with my clients.  

Aging is not just a physical issue. It impacts all areas of life in ways that affect our psychological well-being and our ability to care for ourselves, make a living, and enjoy a quality of life with family and friends.

Becoming a CSA helped me address and serve the complex needs of our aging population. Here are just a few ways I can help:

I work with seniors and their family members, therefore, offering support for everyone

I have a breadth of resources in many areas of aging because I’ve taken the time to build referral relationships (financial, legal, medical, elder law attorneys, non-medical care providers, Medicare and Medicaid experts, senior living community resources, and funeral home directors)

Over the course of the last several years, I’ve also helped clients with many non-medical issues as well like:

Finding a home for a pet

Hiring a handyman or a painter

Hiring someone to declutter a client’s home

Finding a realtor to sell a client’s home

Teaching clients how to use home delivery food services

As a CSA, I continue to attend frequent lectures, webinars, and conferences to enhance my ability to offer a vast assortment of ways to serve my clients within our ever-changing society.

When you hire Severino Health Advisors you are hiring more than just a health advocate. As a Certified Senior Advisor, I’m here to offer you assistance in all areas of the senior aging services. Call for services and follow us on Facebook!