Obtaining a health advocate for your family member or for yourself can alleviate the stress and anxiety that is often placed on a patient and their family. Getting sick has become more complicated. The task of understanding a patient’s condition and the fragmented health system causes an even greater challenge when a family lacks a strong medical background.

Severino Health Advisors can help you navigate the path forward with over 30 years of experience in healthcare. Working with Severino Health Advisors will provide the information you need, focusing on helping you and your family make informed health decisions for the future.

The healthcare industry employs hundreds of thousands of professionals, many of whom impact your care every single day. But, do you feel like anyone is advocating for you and your loved one first and foremost?

More and more people are turning to -Health -Advocates to help them understand the complex and ever-changing healthcare system. If you are facing a difficult health challenge and need assistance understanding and choosing the best medical options for yourself or a family member, Susan Severino—owner of Severino Health Advisors—has made it her life’s work to help alleviate the anxiety and fear that comes from a new or existing medical condition.