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We empower our clients in Central Pennsylvania to get the answers they need to solve their health-related problems.


“I highly recommend Sue Severino and her helpful advice.  Sue has many years of healthcare experience and is familiar with local medical practices and resources. My husband and I were relocating from North Carolina to Harrisburg in order to be closer to family.  This would have been a very difficult move for us because my husband was disabled and we were unfamiliar with the medical community in the Harrisburg region. With Sue’s guidance, we were able to establish care with various specialists.  Sue also recommended a reputable home care agency.  When my husband’s health declined, Sue came to the hospital so we could discuss options for hospice. These life changes were much more manageable with Sue’s level-headed patience, experience, and assistance!”

- Pam, Harrisburg

“Sue was extremely helpful when my mother was diagnosed recently with a terminal condition. My husband and I were so appreciative of her wise advice and her arrangement of hospice care for my mom. I always knew that she was ready and able to answer any questions we may have had. I would highly recommend Sue to those who are trying to maneuver their way through difficult times with their loved ones.”

- Sherry & John, Palmyra

“Susan’s special gift is listening to your concerns and health issues. She does not just give you 5-10 minutes that most doctors and nurses do, but she listens for as long as it takes! She then helps you design a plan to address these concerns. She will also accompany you to your appointments and chart your progress.”

- Sam, Harrisburg

“Susan was peace in the storm. She gave me direction on how to handle my mother’s situation in the hospital, how to get hospice care, and how to handle the estate. She told me who to go to and what to say. Thank God for Susan Severino.”

- Pat, Harrisburg

“Sue has been great! If it had not been for her persistence, I would have never had my surgery and my problem would not have been solved. Sue pushed to get the answers I needed. I am grateful for all her help.”

- Colleen, Harrisburg

“Keeping track of my elderly father’s medical appointments and follow-ups was a daunting task for us; we didn’t know where to begin or what questions to ask. Sue graciously took care of everything for us, alleviating stress and anxiety for me and my sister. Her medical knowledge and calm demeanor enabled her to bond with our father immediately and put us at ease. I would highly recommend Severino Health Advisors for anyone in a situation like ours.” 

– Jamie

“My sister and I live out-of-state.  Our Mom was in what is supposed to be one of the better continuing-care retirement communities in Central Pennsylvania.  Nonetheless, we found that by the time Mom was in skilled care, basic needs, like laundry and housekeeping, were not being routinely and consistently met.  Worse, although Mom was generally competent, it took time for her to frame her wishes into words, and we found that the staff did not take the time to listen — they sought to substitute their own values for Mom’s values when it came to medical directives.  My sister and I needed an advisor, and Mom needed an on-the-scene advocate.  We found both in Sue Severino of Severino Health Advisors.  She watched out for Mom when my sister and I couldn’t, listened to and understood Mom’s wishes, and kept Mom’s care on track.  I would highly recommend to anyone with similar needs.”

SK – Ohio

“Many times when there is a medical emergency, we feel powerless not knowing what to do or who to trust.  We feel helpless or in shock not knowing how to make a sound decision.  With Susan’s vast medical background and training, she knows instinctively and competently on how to deal with medical situations.  Susan guided our family in making the right decisions.  Additionally, she was our “voice” with the health care staff who was assisting with my wife’s medical case.  Needless to say, we were very pleased with the assistance we receive from Susan.”

BY – Harrisburg

“Sue provided excellent guidance and emotional support in dealing with my mother’s medical needs.  She was there throughout the entire process. Without her knowledge and experience, navigating through the system would have been difficult.”

DH – Lebanon

“I contacted Sue in May of 2015 after my wife Maggie suffered a devastating stroke. Sue immediately helped me understand and ‘deal with’ my new reality by attending meetings on my wife’s care and diagnosis, counseling me, getting me to the legal help that I needed, and eventually coordinating hospice care. Her years of experience and calm demeanor were greatly appreciated as she discussed with me topics like Mag’s treatment, my options, critical decisions, etc. It was tough times and Sue made things a lot easier, I’m glad I made the call.”

CF – York Springs