As I start the eight year of my business, I am looking forward to beginning again. The past two years have been hard for everyone. We have all had to pivot to virtual meetings and make frequent changes to keep up with the challenges of a global pandemic. 

 In the last two years, I was also very focused on spending more time with my elderly mother as she faced the last stages of dementia. We were fortunate to be able to keep her in her home and spend quality time with her as she enjoyed the simple things in life – feeding the birds, squirrels, and chipmunks, and watching the Golden Girls. 

 As I look back at the last eight years, I know that my experience as a caregiver for both of my parents has helped guide me to be a better advocate for my clients. In my new blog I share some of the lessons I learned as a caregiver. I hope they may be helpful for you as well.