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over 35 years of trusted medical experience

Susan Severino, RN, CSA (Certified Senior Advisor) 

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A compassionate and knowledgeable Independent Health Advocate focused on helping you and your family make informed health decisions.

In 2017, Severino Health Advisors was selected as a recipient of the SCORE Small Business Award. The award showcases successful local business leaders in Central Pennsylvania. Severino Health Advisors worked closely with the business mentors at SCORE Lancaster/Lebanon to help more patients navigate the healthcare system while coping with a new or chronic medical condition.

Knowledge and Experience

I have spent over 35 years working in healthcare.

My career as a registered nurse and physician assistant has provided me with an insider’s view of how the healthcare system works. I have an expertise in primary care, working with patients along all walks of life. Unfortunately, the healthcare system has drastically changed over the last 35 years, often failing the patients it was meant to serve.

My work as an Independent Health Advocate grew out of a need to help patients get the care they deserve and to also alleviate the stress and anxiety this often places on the family. 

In the last 15 years, I have spent time caring for my aging parents and encountered a system that is difficult to navigate for the typical non-medical person. During that time, I learned ways to help my parents and others get the care they needed. For those patients or families who do not have a strong medical background or a “medical person” in the family, the task of understanding your condition and getting quality care is even more of a challenge.

An Advocate for Your Needs

“As a Health Advocate, I provide the information you need to make better decisions about your care.”

The healthcare industry employs hundreds of thousands of professionals, many of whom impact your care every day. But do you feel like anyone is advocating first and foremost for you or your loved one’s health needs? The answer to this very question is what sparked my desire to serve in a completely new role which is to advocate on behalf of patients to ensure they receive the quality care they deserve.

More and more people are turning to Health Advocates to help them understand the complex and ever-changing healthcare system. The next time you face a difficult health challenge and need help choosing the best medical options for you or a member of your family, know that you are not alone. I have made it my life’s work to take away the anxiety and fear that can come from a new or existing medical condition.

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“My sister and I live out-of-state.  Our Mom was in what is supposed to be one of the better continuing-care retirement communities in Central Pennsylvania.  Nonetheless, we found that by the time Mom was in skilled care, basic needs, like laundry and housekeeping, were not being routinely and consistently met.  Worse, although Mom was generally competent, it took time for her to frame her wishes into words, and we found that the staff did not take the time to listen — they sought to substitute their own values for Mom’s values when it came to medical directives.  My sister and I needed an advisor, and Mom needed an on-the-scene advocate.  We found both in Sue Severino of Severino Health Advisors.  She watched out for Mom when my sister and I couldn’t, listened to and understood Mom’s wishes, and kept Mom’s care on track.  I would highly recommend to anyone with similar needs.”

SK – Ohio