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We alleviate your stress and anxiety by helping you
fully understand the medical options available to you.

Our Services

Caring Assessments

Understanding your loved one’s unique needs and goal for care through in-person assessments.

Preparing For Appointments

Alleviating stress and anxiety by preparing questions for upcoming appointments.

Attending Appointments

Attending appointments, as an expert who understands the medical terms.

Coordinating Hospital Care

Coordinating follow-up appointments and treatments,

Help With Insurance Claims

Helping you understand your insurance claims and bills.

Help with In-Home Services

Providing recommendations for in-home services, personal care homes or nursing facilities.

Treatment Options

Educating you on the latest information about your condition and treatment options.

At-Home Disputes

Assisting with family disputes that may occur when difficult health-related decisions need to be made.

Who We Are

Susan M. Severino, RN, PA-C, Emeritusis an independent health advocate with more than 30 years of experience caring for patients throughout all stages of their lives. Her intimate understanding of the ever-changing healthcare system provides her with professional insight and expert resources. She will ensure your unique health needs receive high-quality care at a fair price. Sue works for YOU to provide unbiased and trustworthy advice to protect your greatest asset – your health.


What Our Clients Say

“Keeping track of my elderly father’s medical appointments and follow-ups was a daunting task for us; we didn’t know where to begin or what questions to ask. Sue graciously took care of everything for us, alleviating stress and anxiety for me and my sister. Her medical knowledge and calm demeanor enabled her to bond with our father immediately and put us at ease. I would highly recommend Severino Health Advisors for anyone in a situation like ours.” 

– Jamie

What “Observation Status” Really Means When You’re Hospitalized

Imagine your 83-year-old mother who lives alone falls at home and is taken to the emergency room. She has multiple bruises, but no apparent broken bones. Despite the x-ray findings, she can’t safely walk on her own and going home alone seems to be out of the question....

8 Ways To Be A Smarter Patient

In 2006, Drs. Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz wrote a book on how to be a smart patient. They felt it was important for patients to be active participants in their health. As your health advocate, I will do the same thing. It’s important to advocate for yourself as...

STOP! Don’t Pay That Med Bill So Fast!

Over ten years ago, my father was admitted to a local hospital with a kidney stone.  The stone was large and he needed additional surgery to crush the stone. I reminded him not to pay any hospital bills before I had a chance to review them and I was glad he...

My Experience With Tick Bites & Getting Them Analyzed Quickly I have a large perennial garden filled with daylilies.  For the first few years, they were beautiful. In the last few years, I’ve started to notice that I wasn’t getting many flowers. My hard work had...

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